• St Kevins Science Week 2018

    13th August 2018
    By Amaan Seetal


    The Monash Human Powered Vehicles Team was back to St. Kevins and once again we had an amazing time with the students. We showcased one of our recumbent bikes and invited everyone to try it out. We ran a little competition where each student (and even teachers!) tried to break the top speed record and offered them freebies as rewards. Everyone had fun and gained some memorable experience in riding a recumbent bike. Towards the end, we had a chat with some of the students about how university life looks like at Monash and gave them more insight on an engineering career path. It was such an amazing experience and we hope to be back very soon!

  • Monash Open Day 2018

    5th August 2018
    By Alastair Haslam


    Monash Human Power Team were present at Monash University’s Open Day to show off the latest project developments to the public. With a mix of new recruits and experienced members, the team could share their experiences working on the project and knowledge gained along the way.

    With interest surrounding the recumbent bike’s riding position, a trainer was set up and visitors were offered the chance to compete in a simulated time trial. On the serious side, the workshop featured the drivetrain rig, full chassis, fairing components and other mechanisms. Tour groups could see first-hand the progress made and were free to ask questions. With many high school students attending, the team was also able to discuss study and career opportunities for future engineering students.

  • MAMEC Industry Night

    1st August 2018
    By Shivani Gopaul


    During the Monash University Mechanical Industry Night 2018, the team had a chance to showcase its human powered vehicle to a group of students as well as industry professionals. It was an opportunity for the team to obtain useful feedback and advice regarding the bicycle design from industry experts from automotive companies and other engineering firms. Furthermore, students enrolled in a variety of related engineering degrees such as Mechanical, Electrical, and Materials Engineering were able to learn more about the team as well as the unique features of the bicycle from members who volunteered their time to hold the stall and promote the team’s work. This event also gave members present the chance to put into practice their networking skills in a convivial yet professional environment.

  • School Wind Tunnel Visit

    25th July 2018
    By Ze Teo


    As part of our community and social outreach initiative, Monash Human Power held the 3rd Annual Wind Tunnel School Visit. Out of the 27 schools who applied, we nominated 5 lucky Victorian schools participating in the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge to pay us a visit.

    A mixture of primary and secondary students were invited to experience flow visualisation in the largest wind tunnel facility in the southern hemisphere. The students were encouraged to attach wool tufts on their vehicle, so that they could better gauge air flow patterns and flow separation. Furthermore, we showed the students around our workshop, where we introduced our engineering subsystems and their respective roles in our own HPV’s development.

    We look forward to our next school visit event, and we implore all schools to apply again!

  • ENGenuITy Expo

    10th July 2018
    By Julia Zhang


    The ENGenuITy Expo was a chance for the Monash Human Powered Vehicle team to showcase our bike to year ten girls from across Melbourne in order to get them interested in studying engineering or IT at Monash. The students had some great questions for us, including: “If I study aerospace engineering, will I be able to work for NASA?”. We showed the students a sample of the composite materials used in our fairing, along with getting them to try out the Performer bike. Alongside some other student-led teams at Monash, we represented the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department to give them a taste of the projects taking place at Monash.

  • SPARK Camp

    6th July 2018
    By Matt Madsen


    On the 6th of July around 50 students from the Spark Engineering Camp toured the MHP workshop at Clayton. Spark Engineering is a camp run by not for profit group, Youth Without Borders, and aims to give year 10-12 students from all around Australia a taste of what university life has to offer. The students listened to an engaging presentation from Charlie about what Monash Human Power do, our goals and human powered vehicles in general. After this, members of different subsystem teams talked to the students about projects that they were doing over the winter break. The students took a real interest in what we do, asking plenty of great questions and showing their potential to be engineers in the future. We wish the students all the best and hope to see them studying at Monash in the next few years!

  • St Kevins Year 7 and 8 Science Conference

    14th May 2018
    By Jnar Kumar


    On the 14th of May, a couple of us visited St Kevin’s College again for their Science Fair. Amongst an amazing array of science projects by the grade 7 and 8 students, we displayed our team to the students at our own booth. We brought over our back fairing and the model fairing along with the stationary recumbent bike for the students to try out. The students were mostly keen on the rulers that we were giving out but it was good enough for us to get their attention and were able to get them to ask us a couple of questions. Some students really tested our knowledge with questions that a couple of us had trouble answering. They were all extremely smart individuals and they themselves had really interesting and complex science projects that had us intrigued. It was definitely an experience worth remembering and I look forwards to possibly see a couple of those students here in Monash and maybe even MHP.

  • Ford Proving Grounds Testing

    30th & 31st March 2018
    By Nicholas Lim


    Over the Easter Break, the team got to test our HPV at YouYangs’ Proving Grounds, thanks to our supporter, Ford.
    On Friday March 30th, we got an early start to reach the venue before dawn. It was a cold and windy morning, as we began to prepare for the launch.
    Saturday March 31st was summed up by ideal conditions with low wind speeds during the duration of the day as well as some welcome sunshine.

    We achieved our best speed record of 62 km/hr!
    What a moment it was, as all the team members’ hard work over the last 4 months to increase drivetrain efficiency and had the chassis on a diet, losing about 4 kg.
    To add the cherry on the cake, we registered no crash at all during Friday and Saturday of the event.

    Looking forward to see what speed the next iteration of our HPV will yield!

  • Velodrome Field Testing

    20th December 2018
    By Pat Graham


    On the 22nd of December the team took the bike out for a spin at the Bob Whitford Velodrome, near Moe. The team was up at the crack of dawn to meet at the workshop at 6am, before we set out in our car groups to the testing grounds at about 20 past 6.


    Arriving around 8am the team was in good spirits. The weather was perfect – the wind was down, the sun was up, and the temperature was around 20 degrees. Morning testing went relatively smoothly. We quickly and efficiently worked through unfaired and half-faired testing with few issues.


    It wasn’t until our first fully faired run that a miscommunication error led to our first major crash. Disaster! The camera mount snapped and the electronics managing our data acquisition system went down. After some quick thinking, and a restructure of organization, we were able to jig up a temporary patch and Ben, our rider, was back out on the track close after 11am.


    Unfortunately, the weather at this point had started to turn. The wind was picking up and the sun was out in force. Ben put in some hard yards and managed to push the limits of the bike despite the conditions. We were happy to see the bike reach a top speed of 52km per hour during this period, despite the set backs we had experienced earlier in the day.


    After a quick lunch and some training rides for our junior riders, we sneaked in a quick photoshoot before heading home just after 4pm. All in all it was a great day and we were all quite pleased with the results we’d obtained. I think it is safe to say that we will all be looking forward to our next major testing day!

  • RACV Energy Breakthrough

    24th November
    By Arshad Seetal


    At the end of November, we visited the annual RACV Energy Breakthrough as exhibitors as part of their ‘Energy Expo’. As such, we had the opportunity to talk to students about our team and the Monash University Experience. The event which takes place in Maryborough races HPVs from schools all around Victoria at one large gathering. It was great to see many students who had previously come to the Monash Wind Tunnel do so well in the competition as well as witness their enthusiasm towards Engineering from such a young age.

  • Heathcote Field Testing

    26th September
    By Ben Thiele


    Regular testing is important for the team to understand what needs to be improved to make the bike faster. For this we went to Heathcote Raceway, a drag strip located 1.5hrs out of melbourne. This location provided flat, strait and traffic free area to train and test the current bike. We were able to practice launching and catching, which is where the bike is most difficult to control and requires a lot of practice. We were able to take short runs at low speed, while also getting used to how the bike handles and how it feels when accelerating and braking. It was also a good location for new riders and other team members to have a go in the bike, either unfaired or with training wheels attached. This is important so that team members get first hand experience of how the bike feels to ride, and at the constraints and requirements the bike must maintain.

  • Monash Mechanical Industry Night 2017

    17th August 2017
    By Raquelle Fonseca


    Monash Industry Night is a night where student teams, engineering companies and engineering students can gather and discuss the future of engineering. As we are a relatively new team, it is vital for us to interact with other students who may find our work interesting or might like to join us one day. We displayed our bike, complete with fairing, and explained some of its unique and interesting features. During the night, the team also got the opportunity to mingle with industry leaders who were intrigued with the design of our Human Powered Vehicle. It was great to be able to promote our bicycle as well as share our experiences working within a close-knit team of passionate students to work towards the common goal of building a better bike.  

  • St  Kevin’s Science Week

    16th August 2017


    By Piyath Dissanayake


    As part of Monash University, our team takes on a social responsibility to promote engineering and science to the youth of today. We strongly believe the importance of engineering in building a sustainable future and the importance of science and engineering will never fade. At science week at St. Kevin’s high schools we went down to show off what we do. This time we took our performer bike and attached it onto a trainer and allowed the students to get a feel for riding a recumbent bicycle. Many of the students (and even the teachers!) competed to top each other’s maximum power outputs. It was good to see students excited by our project and also have a bit of fun. We hope to visit them again as we love being involved with the community.

  • Monash Open Day 2017

    6th August


    By Christopher Yoon


    Open Day 2017 was another roaring success, with particularly large interest this year in the Engineering department. Hundreds of potential students and parents came to experience life as an engineer at Monash, and MHP showed off everything we have. With a space in the infamous Engineering Breezeway, we had people try testing their mettle in our recumbent training rig to see how much power they could output. We also had tour groups come through our workshop where we got to present a day in the life of an MHP member, including everything from inception, design to manufacture as well as the overall goals of our team to beat the world record.

  • Primary School Visit

    24th July 2017
    By Jordan Chan


    The primary school visit to Monash University was a very exciting event. The children were enthusiastic to test their HPVs in the wind tunnel. They were given a tour of the workshop and briefed about how our team operates in our different departments. They even had the opportunity to try the testing rig and compare their vehicles to ours and explain the differences between them as well as giving them a few tips on how to improve their bikes before the RACV Breakthrough event. I was very impressed that some of them seemed to already have some fundamental technical knowledge that is usually only taught at a university level.

  • Discovering ENG&IT EXPO

    6th July 
    By Renee Meaney


    The Discovering ENG and IT expo was the chance for Monash Human Power to showcase the Engineering and Information Technology opportunities which are available at Monash. The event encouraged year 10 girls from throughout Melbourne to attend Monash and talk to current students about their degrees. We represented the Mechanical and Aerospace department and discussed our team and other engineering teams which enrich the Monash experience. 

  • Monash Orientation Week 2017

    21st-22nd February
    By Kenneth Chong


    Monash Orientation Week marked the start of the 2017 academic year for Monash University students. Monash Human Power Team was invited along with hundreds of other students’ teams, clubs and societies to be part of this event. We had the opportunity to talk to many new exciting students to share our passion in human powered vehicle. A mini competition was held at our stall where students were asked to ride a recumbent bike to compare their power generation with their friends. 


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