World Human Powered Speed Challenge

The World Human Powered Speed Challenge is our ultimate team goal. Held in Battle Mountain, Nevada, it is a gathering of teams from around the world with many different vehicles testing the limits of human power. The current record held by a recumbent bicycle is an amazing 144.17 km/h, a goal we one day hope to achieve with our own bike.


Ford Proving Grounds

Every Easter break, our team visits the Ford Proving Grounds in the You Yangs, Victoria to test our vehicle at their track. The track features long straight stretches of road which is ideal for testing our recumbent bicycle. 


RACV Energy Breakthrough

This competition held in Maryborough gives primary schools the opportunity to demonstrate and trial human powered vehicles which they design and construct. While we do not participate in this event, we help local schools test their vehicles before the final event. This testing occurs at the Monash University Wind Tunnel and involves the visualising how the vehicles perform aerodynamically which can help the teams optimise their designs. 

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